Regular, ongoing training programs are conducted for local village women interested in tailoring. These programs run for six months and the participants are provided a certificate on passing the required tests. Training is conducted by experienced skilled professionals from the local area. Prayas Welfare Society has a well-equipped centre with tailoring machines to facilitate the training.

    The training involves imparting theoretical and practical knowledge about tailoring. Beneficiaries who pass out of these programs provide tailoring services locally within their village and neighbouring areas.

  • Free Health Check Camp

    Today, there is a serious health problem in our country. People do not know what diseases within them, when they take it seriously, then the disease of our country is detected by this disease. Keeping in view the problem, efforts should be taken to check all the men and women and children through the check machine in every village panchayat by the officer appointed by the Prayas Welfare Society. All people will be told through Aggi and through the investigation that they are completely healthy or there is a disease in them.

  • Organic Farming Awareness Program

    Today, the farmers of our country are using chemical medicines and chemical fertilizers to produce more quantity, so that many of our new diseases have taken birth here. To solve this problem, efforts were made by the Prayas Welfare Society for organic farming. Will be made aware and organic fertilizers and medicines will be provided to the farmers at a lower cost.


    By the effort Prayas Welfare Society, women and boys of every village panchayat will be encouraged to self-employed by training beautician.

  • Swine Flu Awareness and Drug Delivery Program

    In our country, a serious illness called Swine Flu has spread the foot, the effort to protect the Swine Flu awareness and drug delivery program is being conducted by the Prayas Welfare Society through which the institution has been providing the help of the organization to the men / women and children in every village panchayat. Swine flu awareness work will be done, so that people from this terrible epidemic spread in our country Programmed to be safe.


    Every year, millions of people die from Hepatitis B (Black jaundice) in our country, efforts will be made to safeguard the people by the Prayas Welfare Society and they will be immunized to protect against this disease.


    The effort to avoid typhoid fever is being organized by the Prayas Welfare Society, the Typhide awareness and drug delivery program is being organized in which all the Gram Panchayats will be made aware of the disease to prevent this pandemic and to prevent disease. Distribution will be done


    The Free Prayas Welfare Society is organizing a free computer training program through Digital India. The main objective of this program is to provide computer training to all the children from the city to the village by providing basic computer information, through which the poor children Get computer training.


    Attempts through this program The main objective of the Prayas Welfare Society is to bring light to every household, which poor people can not pay electricity bills or in villages where there is no electricity, the effort will be made by the Prayas Welfare Society to provide solar panels at minimum price and to illuminate every house. Will fulfill the purpose


    Efforts aimed at increasing the income of farmers and removing the global problem of environmental pollution is being conducted by the Prayas Welfare Society for environmental awareness and farmers' prosperity projects. Today our farmers have stopped planting their fields because our farmers do not have any alternative except poplar or eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus and poplar trees require more water, due to which the farmers have more water It is necessary that the land of the farmers is getting lost due to the problem of the farmers to overcome this problem, by the Prayas Welfare Society, Chandalpur sub Bd against the Vanjr farmers of land that is being made and will also increase the income of farmers and would remove the problem of environmental


    The main objective of launching the Insurance Security Awareness Program by the effort Prayas Welfare Society is to bring awareness in the community so that the sudden death of the poor family chief can save his family from financial troubles and avoid family breakdown.

  • Dengue Awareness and Drug Delivery Program

    Every year, millions of people die from dengue disease in our country to avoid this serious disease. Dengue awareness and drug delivery program is being organized by the effort Prayas Welfare Society through which medicines will be taken to protect every healthy men / women and children from this disease, so that people can avoid this terrible disease.

  • Self Helpline Group Awareness Program

    The effort Prayas Welfare Society will make a group of people in each village panchayat and try to give them employment.

  • Water Conservation Program

    Efforts under water conservation program will be made aware by the Prayas Welfare Society to save water for rural and urban areas as water provides life to us and all other living beings Water is a priceless and priceless gift of nature which has given us Earth But to maintain life smoothly, it is very necessary to save water, without the water can not imagine life on earth. It is today that the level of water on the Earth is constantly falling and if the erosion of water continues, one day the problem of drinking water on the earth will become severe and the life on Earth will become empty, seeing the rapidly erosion of water Attempts have been made by the Prayas Welfare Society to launch the water conservation program in which the youth / women are instructed to save water by the high officials of the organization and the rules Be aware because ...